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During August and September, Republic is running a series of workshops for anyone who's launching – or thinking of launching – their own business. You could be a freelancer looking to expand your revenue streams, an entrepreneur with a idea that needs to be nurtured, or business owner who wants to grow. You can either come to the whole series, or drop in for the workshop that's most useful to you. Our no-nonsense, jargon-free advice workshops are interactive, intimate and informal, so you'll have the opportunity to get one-to-one feedback and network with like-minded Londoners. And you'll get the chance to chill on the roof at one of the capital's most exiting new workspaces. You can come to the whole series, or drop in for the workshop most relevant to you. Here are a few workshops to expect:

101 on how to get your business idea funded

Friday 16 August: 6:30 - 9:00pm
Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or trying to build an empire – every business needs money to get off the ground, and keep itself in the air. And there are a bewildering range of options available: venture capital, business loans, bootstrapping, crowdfunding, crowd equity and more. This workshop will help you understand the different routes to getting money coming in, and decide which one is right for you.
Alan Rutter is the founder of consultancy Fire Plus Algebra. He delivers training for General Assembly and Jolt, and has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups on product development, content strategy and communications, and business development.
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The Art of Telling Your Brand Story

Thursday 5 September: 6:30 - 9:00pm
Even if you have the best product or service on the planet, it's no use unless people know about you and understand what you can do for them. In business you need to tell your story constantly – to customers and clients, investors and shareholders, colleagues and employees, and the wider public. In this workshop we'll look at honing your message for presentations, social media, website copy and more.
This workshop is being hosted by Sonder & Tell.
Emily Ames and Kate Hamilton co-founded Sonder & Tell, a content and communications agency that helps story-driven brands find their voice and express themselves. Clients include Airbnb, Good Hemp, Jigsaw and Sacla. They were recently recognised in the Forbes 30 under 30 European list for the great work they have produced and have published a book in partnership with Women for Women UK.
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Influencer Marketing

Thursday 12 September: 6:30 - 9:00pm
Effectively utilising the power of influencers has become a prerequisite for the modern marketer’s repertoire.
In 2019, the influencer community is ever-growing and a major agenda in marketing.
This workshop aims to provide a solid foundation and the necessary toolset to navigate the world of influencer marketing. It has been designed for startup founders, marketers and PRs, from all sectors.
No prior experience of working with influencers is necessary. The aim is to help brands learn more about influencer marketing.
We will show you how to connect with the right people, build relationships and develop strategic and effective influencer campaigns that will accelerate your brand.
Charlotte Williams is the founder of marketing agency, SevenSix a full-service, creative marketing agency, who work intimately with brands that strive to create campaigns with purpose. With a collective seven years in marketing, Charlotte has worked as a marketing manager for brands such as Hello Kitty, WAH Nails and as a freelance consultant. During this time, she created notable campaigns such as “Hello Kitty Gang” and worked with a number of high profile brands within the fashion and beauty industry.
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More workshops to come!

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