St. Modwen Rebrand

In 2018, we completed a new visual identity for St. Modwen, one of the UK’s largest regeneration and housing companies, with a property portfolio of £1.7 billion. This project is a re-brand over every aspect of this multi-faceted national regeneration company. HemingwayDesign led on every visual aspect of the brand and its application across all its printed and digital publications and applications, the site hoardings, sales facilities, marketing, offices, exhibitions, conferences and company reports etc. We worked as part of a team to create a new narrative and stated purpose and values for the brand. We were tasked with bringing their iconic St. Modwen Swan to life. We have created a contemporary and flexible identity and with a softer feel, reflecting St. Modwen’s core business purpose and the shared values which underpin its human-centred strategic direction.

The client is very happy with the result:
Having worked with Hemingway Design previously, we knew that the team genuinely understands how design can have an impact on people, on how they feel and how they use their environment.
For St. Modwen, a complex and multi-faceted company, we needed an approach that would allow real individuality and flexibility and bring cohesive, branded design into the business in a transformational way.  We knew that Hemingway would think about – and approach - things in a completely different way, with a different perspective, which would deliver something truly innovative.
Hemingway have created a brand that is visually stimulating and reflects the heritage of the business as well as our future as a modern, forward-looking company.  Their likeable team worked closely with people at all levels in St. Modwen, to ensure we were marrying design with our business and our business with the brand.  Their collaborative and original approach means we now have a visual identity that has captured the imagination of everyone at St. Modwen.”  Kathryn Edwards, Head of Corporate Communications, St. Modwen