Sunglass Fix

Ensuring a bright future for a pioneering brand. Australian innovator Sunglass Fix is a company with a conscience, saving thousands of pairs of sunglasses from landfill every year. Using pioneering technology, they offer their customers an alternative to throwaway culture, delivering custom-cut replacement sunglass lenses for any frame, anywhere in the world. Our brief was to ensure Sunglass Fix stayed ahead of an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. Beginning with strategy, we clarified their vision, values and positioning, developing a suite of marketing messages to reflect that renewed strategy. We then redesigned all elements of their brand identity, from new colourways and typography to animation styles and product photography. In line with their low-impact credentials, we developed a mailable, low-cost, recyclable packaging solution (with a little bit of theatre built in). And our social marketing campaign – featuring some wry, hand-drawn animation – brought humour to an often dry, serious sector. All in all, a scratch-free solution.