The BHF: Vinnie

30,000 people collapse from cardiac arrest in the UK every year. Only 10% survive. Fear of infection and lack of knowledge makes us hesitate to help. We wanted to give people the confidence to give CPR a go and teach people a lesson they'd never forget. Hands-only CPR – chest compressions performed hard and fast, at the right BPM. No white coats. No finger-wagging. And absolutely no kissing. Just a Hollywood hardman, his mini me and disco!

Our TV and press ads, online training video, T-shirts, app and PR campaign smashed five year targets in five days, achieved 3m views on YouTube (and counting), topped viral video charts and was covered by global media outlets, including every major national newspaper and TV channel in the UK, totalling half a billion media impressions.

Vinnie's received 22 awards, including Golds at Cannes, BTAA and Campaign BIG. And it's had lasting impact, capturing the public's imagination and being parodied on the biggest TV comedy shows. 'You've been Vinnie-ed' has entered hospital vernacular and the NHS has adopted the video and infographics for training and ambulances.

Most importantly, 42 people are alive today because of 'Vinnie'. We know as they wrote in to tell us.