The Bland Book

  • Grace State
  • Vikki Ross
  • Jiang Zhe
  • Paul Mellor

Brief: Bored of constantly seeing mundane, “bland” identities that rarely work, we wanted to highlight this to our industry in a truthful, compelling way. Solution: The result is the answer to every single branding brief. After months of hard work, it was first shared by Campaign for their April Fools coverage. Introducing a new and efficient branding guide designed to disrupt the industry. My role: Ideas, creative and design. Credits: Copy: Vikki Ross Art Direction: Paul Mellor Creative: Grace State

Featured in: Campaign Live – April fools 2019 Little Black Book The Dots The Stable Creative Bloq Design Taxi Twitter – Vikki Ross Writes Twitter – The Bland Book (scroll for 2 minutes) Creative Pool Giles M Davies – Blog Marketing Society