The Frame Mood Filter

  • Rosy Williamson
  • Pip Black

Ever turned up to a HIIT class and felt like you’re wading through treacle? Or pitched up for Yin Yoga with so much energy you’re dreaming of jumping jacks as minute 4 holding that stretch rolls around? At Frame we’re strong believers in choosing a workout based on your MOOD not the workout your routine dictates. Now choosing by mood is even easier using our brand new timetable filter. If you’ve booked a class at Frame you may have noticed the jazzy Mood Filter sitting at the top of the timetable. In addition to being able to select a class by location or genre you can also select by mood. So if you’re feeling moody AF, a little fragile or simply on point you can choose the class most suited to your mood. We know variety is the spice of life, but if you’re overwhelmed by the magnitude of choice on offer at Frame this handy little filter will make sure you get the right Frame fix for your mood. Read on for our Frame-o-pedia definitions of each mood filter… Drained Running on empty? These classes are designed to pep you up and put a spring in your step. Icky Ew, one of those days you just feel ick, you need to sweat it out and shake things up. Moody AF Save yourself from taking it out on your loved ones, check in for the right class to get your endorphins running racing round your body making less room for those angry vibes. Fragile Gone a little too hard recently? These classes are like a warm nurturing hug for your body and mind. Stressed Spinning too many plates? Let a few of them go and give your body and mind a break. In Retrograde One step forwards, two steps back? Wipe the slate clean and begin again with a transformative session. Pumped You’re basically a daft punk song, get ready to go harder, better, faster, stronger. Giddy Oh heyyy! Think adult playtime without the kinky connotations. Killing It You are on FIRE, killing the s**t out of life. On Point You’re on form, sharp and focussed, now’s the time to nail your technique.