The Polyester Podcast x Melissa Shoes

  • Trude Grimstad
  • Carlyn McNabb
  • Gina Stewart
  • Rhianna Cohen

In collaboration with Melissa Shoes and Ione Gamble, Polyester Zine has launched their first podcast series. The eight part series gets under the skin of our favourite creatives, exploring the ins-and-outs of the queer feminist community. Released every other Monday, each episode will speak to an artist about something they are completely obsessed with that has nothing to do with how they make money, as well as consulting a whole host of experts on everything from all the patriarchal myths surrounding contraception, to dating advice for fat people, and the link between skincare and stress. Hosted by Polyester founding editor-in-chief Ione Gamble, and co-hosted by Dream Wife's Alice Go, the first episode features Rene Matic and Nadine Artois from Pussy Palace. The launch party for the podcast was held at Melissa Galeria on Jan 31, where custom artworks from eight of the podcasts guests were showcased, alongside music from DJ Nadine Artois and Jender An0mie. "Since the zine is so visual, we thought the podcast would help the audience to understand more of the motivations behind all the imagery. The podcast would help Polyester to be more accessible to everyone." Ione Gamble To listen, search ‘The Polyester Podcast’ on the Apple podcast app / iTunes story, and Spotify

Event photo's by Meg Lavender


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