The Re Up

Career on hold? Kickstarting that side hustle project? Been laid off? In a time full of uncertainty, you may be feeling a bit shit. Your confidence might be knocked, your ego bruised. Maybe you don't know where your next pay-check is coming from. One thing's for certain – keeping your finger on the pulse of culture and emerging trends is crucial. So how do you keep up? Meet The Re Up. Having a forced change of direction isn't always fun or easy, but some of the greatest businesses and inventions in the world came from times of trouble. Let us help you use this time to get ahead of the game. We're giving you 30 days free access to the Canvas8 Library to kickstart your new direction (but you'll find something by then, don't worry!). PLUS free access to our pandemic culture online learning course – four modules to get you up to speed with the consumer changes accelerated by COVID-19. Get started today: