The Sikh Project

  • Amit Amin
The turban is the most powerful and obvious symbol of the Sikh identity. 
For centuries the turban was worn in South Asia. Adorned by kings, wealthy landowners and holy men alike, the turban commanded respect and over the ages it became a signifier of power and status.
With the birth of Sikhism, the role of the turban took on a different meaning. It established a new way of life, helping eradicate notions of inequality and class and led to caste liberation and gender equality.
Historically, Sikhs were persecuted because of the turban and unshorn hair, but today these are symbols of revolution, non-conformity and style.
The aim of The Sikh Project is to capture the essence of modern Sikhism and to pay tribute to the beauty and variety of the turban and its identity.
Photographed by Amit and Naroop, the project is a combination of British and American Sikhs, photographed over a period of four years. 
The subjects who feature in this project are businessmen, boxers, IT professionals, doctors, fashion stylists, bikers, army captains, temple volunteers, magicians, football players and a host of other occupations, all adapting and interpreting the Sikh tradition of the turban in their own way.
A marriage of Amit and Naroop’s British photographic style and Indian roots, the images showcase turbans that are as different and unique as their owners.
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