The values of freedom in art- Ai Weiwei the ceaseless voice for the voiceless.

A new narrative by Joana Alarcão Read on :

The traditions of a fading society, the roots of ancient history weaving itself with the rich and dynamic imaginary of the contemporary world. In a time when social agitation rises from the pressure of social and environmental injustices, where does art fit in all of this? Today we have one of the safest societies ever built, although artists like Ai Weiwei, turn a critical eye to the destruction that this so-called safety requires, asking fundamental questions about our rights and responsibilities.
When we examine the conceptual aspect of Weiwei’s practice we are struck with a common understatement, tradition. Although the art of the Chinese artist speaks in a richer voice. It challenges us to consider what we value, why and more importantly what we are accountable for destroying, preserving, or transforming. Works such as Sunflower seeds and Remembering are the embodiment of these concepts, by applying ancient techniques and monumentality he generates a focal resistance against forgetting, advocating for democracy and the unique voices of individuals.

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