Three Cuts - - - Juju & Jordash

The oddball house duo shed light on their singular sound.

Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski occupy a very strange little corner in the world of house music. As Juju & Jordash, the Israeli-born, Amsterdam-based duo make tracks that are rich, psychedelic and playfully offbeat. Rooted in improvisation and live instrumentation, their music has a loose, organic feel that reflects their jazz influences. But perhaps more than anything else, it's the experimental attitude of it all that really sets them apart. Consider Unleash The Golem, a sinister two-part EP that evokes the Jewish myth of The Golem, and is inspired by Aner and Czamanski's conflicted feelings about Israel and their own identity. Who else would channel such murky themes into a house record?

In this episode of Three Cuts, Aner and Czamanski invite us into their studio to talk about the tracks that best capture the unique spirit of their music.

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