thy.self's Rant & Rave - BLM Edition

It's been more than a testing time for us, black people living and existing in this world and yes there are some resources but emotionally we need to release as a group effort with people who look, live and sound like us. Join thy.self at this month's much need BLM RANT & RAVE. Release in our digital safe space. In this session we will give all of our guests a chance to rant safely and respectfully, air their frustrations around the recent and traumatising events, the protests, the constant media posting, the fear of the unknown plus virus, quarantine, self-isolation, furlough, redundancy, loneliness, grief, breakups and any other feelings around this time and finish with therapy in a range of different forms including a mini-rave. Join us in LETTING GO! Open to BLACK PEOPLE ONLY of ALL GENDERS