Piccadilly - London

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UGG® approached FormRoom to design and create six window schemes across UK and France for their global anniversary campaign ‘UGG: 40 Years’. Celebrating their deep-rooted California heritage, UGG paired two popular fashion icons, Heron Preston and Adwoa Aboah, whose bold and fiercely individual ideals represent the next generation of UGG®.

The window design looked at bringing the campaign to life; celebrating the bold, unapologetic individuality of UGG®.

The design focused on playing with illusion and depth, while keeping a bold graphical approach inspired by UGG 40th Anniversary campaign.

The two high-impact faces were the key window visuals – wearing the limited-edition collection. As an iconic California location, Big Sur’s striking coastline served as the textured background in the primary window scheme while a sky print was used for the secondary window.

FormRoom designed the window around impactful graphical shapes to put emphasis on its different sections. Its symmetries and asymmetries create dynamic compositions.

Stepped plinths with reflective tops are mirrored and allow for unexpected product display. Use of floating frames and vinyl created illusion of depth and play with form.

The secondary window focuses on the illusion of depth and glorification of products, using various sized frames and mirrors. Sky print and reflective floating podiums created an illusion of products floating in the air.
Scaled versions of the display have been developed for wholesale activations, pop-ups, and table risers around the world.