• Shivali Patel

The premise of this International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) brief was to take a one sentence monologue, consisting of 4,391 words, and visually interpret the text in an innovative manner, to draw the attention of the reader, to engage them with a complex work of writing. This daunting piece of text, ‘Penelope’, is a stream of consciousness thus containing no punctuation and possible areas of grammatical mistakes. My approach to this brief was to create a publication where I would break down the text into legible sections that would allow the user to read the text with being overwhelmed, through the use of exploratory typographic form. This project led to an awarded ISTD Membership in 2019.

Front cover and slip-case
The first spread within the publication. The letter design would introduce the user to the publication.
The words displayed on the left, are drawn out of the cut-outs created within the body type of the right page. This would resemble the importance of the theme on the page.
The cut-outs on the left page, interact with the type, to draw attention to the emotions running through the body type on the right page.
Above are some of the spreads from the publications. The selected spreads are a static graphics and they do not have any elements in which the user can interact with.