Understanding Allyship

The momentum around the Black Lives Matter movement is mobilizing people worldwide to confront the hard truths around systemic racism. Governments, institutions, and legacy businesses are grappling with their racist past – or present. But because both COVID-19 and BLM have heightened consumer expectations for corporate social responsibility – intensifying scrutiny and amplifying any backlash – organizations are receiving mixed signals around how to show up. Canvas8's Understanding Allyship Deep Dive report examines the rising demands for immediate and lasting action regarding social change, and explores how brands can authentically show their commitment to the cause. The report offers ideas about what activism and allyship people want to see from brands. It identifies the sorts of immediate and lasting action that people want to see. Including the Applying Allyship framework, it'll help you interrogate whether any given action will be perceived as legitimate by the communities you’re seeking to support or represent. Download the report: https://resources.canvas8.com/understanding-allyship-report