UTOPIA - A thy.self x Philosophy Squared Workshop

UTOPIA - A thy.self x Philosophy Squared Workshop In collaboration with Monzo & Philosophy Squared, thy.self aimed to make philosophy accessible to all through this *FREE* interactive workshop where we related the thoughts of a utopian world with our personal ideas of what self-love is. This purpose of this collaborative event will be to develop an Utopian thinking.- to encourage us all to think of a world which is perfect! While this may not be possible in reality, we think that part of the problem with the world at present, is that our expectations are simply too low. Is our planet and all of its inhabitants destined for eternal doom? We'd like to think not! What To Expect Meditation - because, seriously... we all need to calm down! Lots of exciting discoveries and fun! The above may sound a tad scary but it will be a night of thought, new conversations and a lot of laughter Social activities around laws, government, society and individuals Some insight into political philosophy A great group of women across multiple industries who you can network with, learn from and share ideas Free food & beverages throughout the evening Prizes for anyone who does not mention Brexit! (joking - well kind of!) Who are we? thy.self Connecting women through positive self-care initiatives, self-love discussions and positive awareness instagram.com/thy.self Monzo We're doing things differently. For too long, banking has been obtuse, complex and opaque. We want to change that and build a bank with everyone, for everyone. Our amazing community suggest features, test the app and give us constant feedback so we can build something everyone loves. https://monzo.com/ Philosophy Squared Philosophy Squared was established in the Summer of 2015 by Kesi Charles, in an attempt to broaden the discussion and make Philosophy more accessible. From workshops to cocktail nights and festivals, Philosophy Squared has encouraged curiosity and conversation with hundreds of minds. instagram.com/philosophy.squared