Warm Magazine 001 - The Talent Issue

  • Allison McCafferty
  • Robin Shaw
  • Tracy Kawalik
  • Giovanni La Marca
  • Sue Gurner
  • Rhianna Cohen
  • Theo Gentilli

Warm 001: Everything you need to know about working with artists including: top tips, expert interviews, youth insights, trends, artists & subcultures.

Get your copy here: http://bit.ly/Givemethemag
Warm Magazine is the first magazine by cultural consultancy Warm Street, a chance to hep brand managers work with artists in rewarding and sustainable ways whilst encouraging investment into the creative arts. Jam packed with useful tips, interviews with some of the most creative artists in music right now, covering emerging music scenes, artists to watch and more..
This all came about because we never considered we’d be blessed to work with the tastemakers who lay the foundations of the future. The next level creatives, those happy to run themselves into the ground to hone their artistry. These values not only spoke to us but were ones we soon recognised in ourselves as well. As we set about seeking out the next generation of talent, we soon discovered they possessed a magnetism to find us. While some might keep these rare artists to themselves, at Warm Street, we refuse to hold on to hidden gems and prefer to champion them instead.
So what’s up with Warm Street? Well, it’s September again, we’re all done with sweaty tents and dusty fields. The nights get longer, and we look forward to more time to hit clubs and venues, thrashing it out to the ever-evolving sounds of London’s underbelly. As a flurry of new music gets released, it’s our favourite time of the year, and also a great time to plan for 2020, finish 2019 with a bang and drop our first magazine that will provide the insights and tools to do just that.
If you enjoy reading this the only thing we ask is that you use your influence to support the people represented here and help us distribute the future.