Webinar recording: Hiring in 2022 – How to hire great talent on The Dots (June 2022)

If you’re hiring this summer, you’ll know the competition for talent is fierce.

With this in mind, The Dots’ founder & CEO, Pip Jamieson, shares insights and tips on attracting and hiring the talent that’s right for your business via The Dots.
Top tips for hiring talent on The Dots:

1. Brand engagement
Company page
Create a company page on The Dots here.

Boost engagement for your recruitment and networking events via The Dots. For more info, contact events@the-dots.com and we’ll get you set up.

2. Job posting
You can post a job here.

It's totally free to post freelance and internship roles. Job posts start at £195 + VAT, and we offer discounted job packs and subscriptions.

To maximise the reach of your job post, try posting a call out on The Dots Asks forum here.

3. Sourcing talent
The Dots ‘Recruiter Pro Plan’ gives you access to search, message and create candidate lists, as well as using The Dots Bias Free Browser. Find out more here.

Throughout the year we create unique talent lists to hire from, supported by creative industry icons and our community. Check them out here.

4. Connect with the community
The Dots community
Our 5-minute mentor programme connects senior talent across the creative and tech industries with our community members. It's a great way to give back, and engage with prospective talent. If you or a member of your business would like to join by becoming a ‘5-minute mentor’, please get in touch by sending a message to Pip here.


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