Welcome to Winona

This past February, Squarespace joined the Big Game with a short film ad spot featuring actress Winona Ryder going back to her hometown of Winona Minnesota. In January 2020, she returned with a small team from Squarespace to make a photographic exploration of the place and its people.

Winona, Minnesota is roughly a two-hour drive from Minneapolis – nestled between the Mississippi River to the north and the Sugar Loaf rock formation to the south. Like many small cities across the United States, family businesses drive the economy – and if you’re picking up donuts from Bloedow’s Bakery, chances are you’ll run into someone you know.

In the 30-second ad that aired during the Big Game, Winona Ryder uses Squarespace to create a website for her photo project, titled welcometowinona.com. Check out the 30-second spot below.

For our long-form film, we follow Winona as she snaps a series of pictures of her place of birth for the special photo project. Winona Outfitters, Winona Mall, Winona City Hall, Winona Fire Department, Winona Bowl and more local joints get their due in the film, which you can watch below.

After, Winona Ryder wanted to put together a photo album to commemorate her journey. With the help of Squarespace, she created a limited-edition photo album, with all profits going to local causes. As only 100 copies were made, the book sold out almost immediately.

We made sure to capture some behind-the-scenes while we traveled with Winona Ryder. You check out the BTS video below and access her Squarespace website here: https://www.welcometotherestofwinona.com/