Agencies & Route of the World's Greatest Internship curated by ASK US FOR IDEAS

Here's the deal...
2 people. For 6 months. At 6 agencies. In 6 cities around the world. The full gamut of creative exploration. Think multidisciplinary. Think multicultural. For the new emerging creative—a Frankenstein of designer, entrepreneur, strategist, inventor, artist, culture maker, and economist. At top agencies, defining what the new “creative agency” is—less account chasing, more co-inventing. Great cultures, interesting people, different processes. Same high creative bar. A few more stamps in the passport. Something to write home about. And you will. WGI*. It’s an experiment. A new model for a changed industry.
3 months doing the same 3 menial tasks won’t cut it. But this might.
Stopping by at some of AUFI's -read the World's - finest creative agencies:


01 Butchershop – San Francisco
02 Collins – New York
03 Made Thought – London
04 Base Design – Brussels
05 Parkside – Graz
06 Re – Sydney
Concepted by our good friends at Butchershop, the 'World's Greatest Internship' which began as an idea to expose young talent to the top tier of independent creative agencies globally -and it has turned out to by just that.
We were approached by Trevor @Butchershop to advise on who might be a good fit. Who were the most innovative, talented and creative people we knew. Where could the interns go to learn about different working cultures and approaches? How could they gain a breadth of experience to give them a launchpad for their future? What could we do to get this project off the ground?
We connected the best agencies from around the globe the places where we thought we'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall, let alone spending a month there.
700 applications later, two young ambitious women were chosen for this opportunity of a lifetime.
Hello Maddy and Whitney.
We can't wait to hear all about it.