What is TalentLAB?

  • Anna Guled
  • Isabelle Kilbey
  • Jack Newman
TalentLAB is the new crowdsourcing platform from MADE.COM. A place for original thinking and untapped talent. Anyone can upload a design idea and have the chance to get it produced and sold on MADE.COM.

Designers, get your ideas MADE

If you've got a bright design idea, we want to hear about it. If we shortlist your design, your product could be produced and sold on MADE.COM. That means royalties for you and the chance to see your idea brought to life.
Enter a Design

Backers, make a design discovery

Support your favourites by making a small, risk-free deposit. If the design you back gets enough support, you'll be the proud owner of a piece you helped bring to market.
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