What It Isn’t

Glass vials, custom machined brass rings, vibration motor, custom circuit board, custom driver software and hardware, behavioral algorithm, computer

444 pendants in a 12 x 37 grid (dimensions variable)
A site-related installation What It Isn’t, premiered at Lunds konsthall, creates an audible reaction to the viewers’ physical presence in the space. A number of narrow glass vials, each containing two small brass cylinders and a vibration motor, is suspended from the ceiling. The vibrations make the cylinders collectively rattle.

The installation’s ‘behaviour’ and the intensity of the sound it generates will vary in relation to where viewers are located. The human brain is trained to calculate the position of sound-emitting objects or beings incredibly accurately. Sound is one of our most effective ways of sending and processing signals.

By generating sound in response to movement What It Isn’t generates life around viewers . A concentrated sensory experience, the work helps viewers to physically experience their own positioning in space.