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What's In A Name?

Who are we?

Aspire Global Network consists of five brands - and reading this, you may have come into contact and used the recruitment services of one of our brands exclusively without knowing we were part of a wider network, despite the fact we operate out of the same London office.

In fact in a recent poll to our candidates, only 46% knew we were part of a specialist network. Does it really matter?
It might do if we can help you in another area, or progress your career.

When we are hiring, (which we currently are in both London and Asia) there is often some initial confusion as to which brand and specialist market someone in the process may work for. Sometimes our clients are unaware of how else we can help them in their businesses find great talent.

A bit of history....

Three years ago, we created Aspire Global Network, acting as a holding company for PFJ (est 1992); The Graduate Recruitment Company (launched 1993); RP Cushing (acquired in 2009) and Periscope (acquired in 2011).

As we launched our first home grown international office in Nov 2011 in Singapore, we wanted to provide the specialist recruitment services of all four above brands at a local level, so we used the Aspire Global Network brand, adding Asia to differentiate.
Then in July 2013, our Hong Kong office opened, adding to the Aspire Global Network Asia brand.
Since then we have continued to share, evolve and supply great talent to our markets.
However as a network, we are continually asking ourselves the type of questions that any discerning recruitment marketer does:

What is our position in our markets?
What is important to our candidates and clients?
How can we better utilise the resources around us to offer the best choice to our clients and candidates?
How effective are our digital marketing campaigns?
How effective is our mobile offering?
Who are the brand ambassadors at each level in our business?
What is our return on investment from social media?
How do our rankings on search engines ensure that when people are active in the market they see our jobs, and when passive, know enough about us to feel comfortable dealing with a prospective role?
How do we continue to build our brand reputation(s) in an ever increasingly complex and fragmented media market?

The Future

Well, I can not possibly tell you the answers to all of the above, however what I can tell you is that from next week, Monday 12th May 2014 - we are changing the name!
We are unifying all the brands internationally to form one brand name.

Think Marathon to Snickers - we will still be the same specialist service provider, and help change peoples lives and help business grow and perform, just under a different unifying brand.

Watch this space, and I hope you are wowed by the results!

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