WORK: Taking steps towards a more sustainable future

  • Efekan Dundar

Social enterprise Giki is on a mission to enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Giki Zero is an innovative new digital tool that easily measures, tracks and provides ways in which we can all reduce our carbon, water and land use footprint. Placing people at its heart, we collaborated with the Giki Zero team on the branding and experience design to transform the tool into a personable, accessible and intuitive user experience.

Our illustrated family of characters reflect the human, vibrant and impactful nature of Giki Zero. They appear throughout the experience to encourage people to take positive steps, and celebrate the impact they can achieve.
Combined with our bold colour palette, user-friendly badges and bespoke data visualisations, Giki Zero has been brought to life in a way that engages and empowers each individual to make daily changes, contributing towards the shared community purpose of living more sustainably.
Good design can make the complex beautifully simple, but it can also inspire change.

With this fresh, and at times oddly surreal, ownable creative spin, Giki Zero can become a thought-provoking presence in our day-to-day lives to help us all take steps towards making positive, sustainable change happen.