Leading the creative transformation of WPP. WPP was launching with a new strategy: 'a creative transformation company'. More dynamic. Better joined-up. Easier to navigate. Reorganising around the needs of its clients. And always transforming. We worked with the WPP brand team and Landor to bring out the new strategy through a new brand. A self-sparking symbol of the ever-changing creative landscape, that expresses the power of the sum through its individual components.

We helped define the new WPP vision as a dynamic, forward-looking company with creativity and technology at its heart, and the core purpose of creating better futures for its clients and people.

With the identity, we explored many different ideas before settling on the simplest and most direct expression of transformation - an identity of different, smaller parts that come together to form a whole. Collectively, they represent WPP's people, agencies, capabilities and markets, that work together as one for clients.

Visually, it never stands still. The dots contract, expand and reflect light to create a constantly morphing, chameleon-like surface. Animating with lots of colour - but no core palette - it's a dynamic metaphor for the company's new creative transformation spirit. Where individual parts don't just add up - they spark, energise, flex and multiply to become one WPP.

The result: a manifestation of constant creative transformation for the creative transformation company. Putting more emphasis on the people who make WPP. An example of collaboration that the company's new strategy is here to provide.

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