You-Volution - Online Summit To Grow Your Personal Brand

  • Jess Gosling
  • Nikki Sehgal
  • Isabel Sachs
  • Mikaela Dragon
  • Polina Sengupta
  • Victoria Charalambides
  • Danni Nicole O'Malley
  • Harriet Small
  • Amanda Summons
  • Cristiana Scaloi
  • Alessandra Piccolo

BACKGROUND Growth & Grace aim to connect, inspire and empower individuals to be their best selves. Whether you’re looking for your next career path, seek the knowledge of others or simply want a supportive community in an often hostile environment, Growth & Grace are there to support you. BRIEF In our second year, we wanted our first event to be big. So we thought, why not host an online web summit that is affordable and relevant that our community would want to attend? IDEA We all have a voice and mission. For some, it means a personal brand. It is something you can't escape. We fully believe that the process of developing your brand is an evolution. We are growing ourselves. That is why we decided to host our own personal branding summit in November! This summit is for freelancers, entrepreneurs and flexible workers or anyone, where you can join from anywhere, build new connections and take away practical insights. RESPONSIBILITIES Event idea generation + themes - Jess Gosling + Polina Sengupta Operations + logistics - Jess Gosling, Polina Sengupta + Cristiana Scaloi Art Direction - Mikaela Rice Creative assets - Mikaela Rice, Victoria Charalambides + Danni O'Malley Social - Alessandra Piccolo, Nikki Sehgal, Sam Roberts, Amanda Summons + Harriet Small

We're grateful for our sponsors and collaborators who made this all possible!

Enterprise Nation - A vibrant community of small businesses and business advisers that exist to shortcut your route to trusted business support.
General Assembly - Master new skills in design, marketing, technology, and data online or at our campuses around the world.
Startups Magazine - A digital and print magazine helping tech startups connect the dots on their entrepreneurial journeys.
Creative Mornings - The world’s largest face-to-face creative community.

I LIKE NETWORKING - Mentoring and networking for the creative and cultural industry.

Workshop Partners:

SheSays Quiet Strength UnderPinned

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