Your Blogger Development - Do you do it?

  • Harry Blunt-bigwood
Categories: #BlogHour
Personal Development is a hot topic right now, not just for businesses and Entrepreneurs but actually for anyone looking to improve their health and happiness in a modern era of digital envy and constant comparison.
The pressure to perform and to always offer a positive and shiny outlook on line is hard to maintain FOR ANYONE let alone an Influencer, but for bloggers it seems to be even harder because you're ALWAYS in the public domain- you've almost offered a un-censored view at your life right? So the down days, or tough days are that much more visual to your audience.
Also in terms of 'comparison syndrome,' what might make you green with envy through the lens of X-Pro II might, at best, be mediocre through the lens of real life. When we look at some influencer platforms, we see a life literally cropped and filtered — a perfectly-set dining room table, while there's a half-renovated living room just beyond the frame for example...Do you think this has an affect on you as a blogger?
1) What (if any) Personal Development and mind space work do you do, for you?
2) Is this something you consider a priority?
3) What platforms/tools do you use to develop your personal well being?
4) Do you think that there should be more controls/policing around the amount of editing people do on their images?
5) If you could free up 1 hour a day to focus on your mindset - where would you start?
6) What resource would you LOVE to see available for the blogger community to support them?