• Andrea Pallarés Renaud

The Erasmus+ programme is a European Union initiative that provides support to cooperation projects in the fields of education, training, youth and sport with a great variety of goals, including: improving the level of competencies and skills of young people; levelling the playing field in terms of opportunities in democracy, the labour market, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity; fostering quality improvements in youth work; and complementary policy reforms at local, regional and national levels. Just to name a few. This particular conference was part of the Youth@Work Partnership, and it took place in Mersin, an agricultural and educational hub in southern Turkey in December 2019. Cooked Illustrations was selected to participate as a delegate; a welcomed surprise that we later learned was part of an effort to diversify away from the youth work and education sectors, by injecting entrepreneurial voices from the grassroots. And so we set out from Cardiff to Mersin, via two trains, two flights and one bus ride straight to this seaside city where we tasted Turkish tea for the first time. For more information: