• Ben Freeman
  • Bryn Lloyd
  • Ollie Olanipekun
  • Faye Young
  • Jariel Ann
  • Oliver Dickson
  • Phillip Bircham
  • Rosa van Heusden
  • Maud Cooper
  • Jenny Zhang
  • Theo Bassett-Shand
  • Christina Worner

Zalando commissioned SUPERIMPOSE for a campaign promoting their online sneaker store, with the objective of establishing the European ecommerce site as a first destination authority for young sneaker consumers.

Informed by the rapid growth of sneaker culture in online shopping, social media and digital platforms as well as in real life, the campaign unites physical and digital realms through The Sneakernet; a futuristic virtual environment that subverts and reimagines the conventions of brick and mortar retail.
Through campaign visuals, styling, make-up, copy and social media strategy, The Sneakernet unites sneaker culture’s digital and physical worlds, transforming the Zalando online shopping experience into a new reality.

Specific elements reimagine familiar concepts in new, hyper-futuristic forms. The phenomenon of lining up for sneaker releases becomes the ‘hyperqueue’, where everyone is always front of the line.

The ‘infinity stockroom’ defies traditional retail’s physical limitations, ensuring your shoe size is always in stock. References to blogging, social media and ‘on-foot’ photography emphasise the symbiotic relationship between digital and physical interaction for modern sneaker shoppers.