Alexandru Năstase

Alexandru Năstase

Multidisciplinary Senior Designer & Type DesignerBucharest, Romania
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Alexandru Năstase

Alexandru Năstase

Multidisciplinary Senior Designer & Type DesignerBucharest, Romania
About me
I'm a senior multidisciplinary designer & art director with more than 13+ years of experience in the field of design. From offline environments to full online services I can own the entire design process and its areas, ragging from Branding & Identity, Print Design & Editorial Layouts, Websites, Native Applications, Product Design which includes UI & UX, Experimental Environments, 3D but also Typeface Design, retail and bespoke. I’ve done end-to-end digital product design from client workshops to conceptualization and strategy, user research and usability testing down to final visual design and development supervision to ensure quality. I’ve worked globally with multi-cultural teams in and different countries, from New York to London, Berlin to Thailand, San Francisco to Spain. I always aim for a balance between function and form but also strive to align the business needs with the user needs in order to offer value to both participants.
  • Take Away Cross-Platform Ordering Application
    Take Away Cross-Platform Ordering ApplicationRedi.Grab.Go is a take away ordering service startup that launched in 2016 wanting to bring a new experience to the food ordering scene in the middle of London by helping its users schedule orders for pick-up and helping them get some exercise and unwind at the same time. The first version of the mobile app was a good MVP but did not perform as well as expected by the founders in comparison with their active competitor apps such as UberEats, Ritual, and Deliveroo, and it was not offering a grea
  • Practice Sans Typeface
    Practice Sans TypefacePractice Sans is a proprietary typeface that came out from a need to specialize and offer a medium to show dense quantities of information within a small space but also keeping a certain personality to it. Practice Sans is the result of long research, testing, and observation which gave rise to an edgy yet serious and well-structured sans-serif typeface with a power-horse mindset at its roots. Its inclinations towards dense information come of course from having a tall x-height to better suppo
  • Electric Car Dashboard Concept
    Electric Car Dashboard Concept"A design experiment towards electric car dashboard functionality." This project was a result of a design hackathon which was organized inside of a company I've worked on The theme of the hackathon was to choose a car dashboard and revamp it from both functional point of view in which improvements could be added but also update the visual expression while still keeping the existing branding Out of the eight designers, I personally chose Tesla due to its new perspective and also the futuristic
  • Financing Solution for Small SMEs
    Financing Solution for Small SMEsI did a proper kick-off meeting with the client, which included a series of workshops to create a better understanding of the client, their business and also their main goals. During that we formulated and setup individual strategies for both the website and their platform. Business objectives were discussed at first, followed by the inner-workings of the company and also their growth plans leading to a good foundation of the product strategy and their key objectives. After setting a clear dir
  • Leading Enterprise Platform for Franchise Management
    Leading Enterprise Platform for Franchise ManagementKalon Kosmos is a large scale proprietary platform, designed, and developed for large companies/franchises in the US, EU, and Canada which have more than 50,000 subsidiaries (e.g., McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, and KFC). The platform would help high-ranking executives (CEO, COO, CIO) and business owners manage and closely supervise activity and progress in their company but also give recommendations based of custom indicators and how to act on these. I was tasked with collaborating with the U
  • Diagram Platform Branding and Illustrations
    Diagram Platform Branding and IllustrationsI've done Branding and also Illustrations for the whole project. Original illustration style was done by Nicu Balan.
Work history
    Senior Visual Designer & Type DesignerFitbit Romania
    Bucharest, RomaniaFull Time
    Collaborated with both Bucharest and San Francisco design teams to execute designs for their existing digital and physical products. Assisted the product design team with assets creation, testing and implementation. Helped extend the company's visual language. Designed and developed custom typefaces.
    Product and Visual DesignerRedi Pay & Pick Ltd
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Helped Redi to design their mobile cross-platform application for food order placing and pick-up. Conducted user interviews and complete research to improve overall usability and engagement. Refreshed existing branding and helped with brand assets management. Designed printing assets and collaborated with their vendors to ensure printing quality and delivery. Designed marketing assets to fit into the marketing team guidelines.
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  • UI Design
  • Illustration
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    Honorable Mention on AwwwardsAwwards
    My personal portfolio at that time was nominated and got Honorable Mention