Financing Solution for Small SMEs

  • Alexandru Năstase

I did a proper kick-off meeting with the client, which included a series of workshops to create a better understanding of the client, their business and also their main goals. During that we formulated and setup individual strategies for both the website and their platform. Business objectives were discussed at first, followed by the inner-workings of the company and also their growth plans leading to a good foundation of the product strategy and their key objectives. After setting a clear direction for both projects, my solutions were the following: 1. Design a user-centered platform which is genuinely ease to use and learn. 2. Build a design system that is stable and that can adapt easily to future features. 3. Build side by side a solid Brand which will align the website with the user platform in a more consistent way. Upon having a good base of information and direction, the actual build-up started with wireframes and prototypes, testing out ideas with the client to reach a common functioning ground.