Amber English

Amber English

Junior Art DirectorLeeds, United Kingdom
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Amber English

Amber English

Junior Art DirectorLeeds, United Kingdom
About me
The dream of becoming an Art Director is so close, please take a look at my work if you've got the chance - ta!
  • Goodyear Go Further
    Goodyear Go FurtherThe challenge was to bring awareness to luxury car owners that Goodyear Tyres are the real deal and that these are radically different to what you've seen before. Proposition: The tyre makes the car. Goodyear can take you into enemy territory and beyond, this campaign is directly targeting its competitors: Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone.
  • Mont Blanc Anything Goes
    Mont Blanc Anything GoesIn short, the challenge was to raise awareness of Mont Blanc and to change consumers perceptions on fashion advertising following on from my dissertation. Many older people are judgemental of new fashion trends. Mont Blanc want to change this outlook and show that with a bit of their luggage by your side anything is acceptable because the bag is the statement. Anything goes, literally.
  • Welcome Skate 'Get Out of Your Comfort Zone'
    Welcome Skate 'Get Out of Your Comfort Zone'When it comes to skating ads they tend to only target those that are already skating, it makes it really daunting for those that are interested. To tackle this issue, Welcome Skate store infiltrated other brand styles which people will associate with comfort to show that skating provides an even better experience.
  • Brut is Back
    Brut is BackRemember when Brut was popular? Yeah me neither. To solve this, a series of posters was created to reboot the Brut brand and to get everyone back on board with this oldie but goldie. Records, postcards and football memorabilia are making a big comeback and Brut is soon to follow.
  • Volkswagen Electric Classic Beetle launch
    Volkswagen Electric Classic Beetle launchTask: Create a 'classic' campaign that will create a desire for the over 40's to purchase the upcoming VW Classic Electric Beetle. Insight: The older you get the more you appreciate nature. Big idea: Electric Metamorphosis. Just like a real beetle, the electric VW classic has gone through metamorphosis. It has rearranged itself to meet the demand of the changing environment, specifically changing to become electrically powered.
  • D and AD New Blood 2020 Burger King: The People's King
    D and AD New Blood 2020 Burger King: The People's KingThe challenge of this brief was to promote delivery through the Burger King app and encourage 18-24 year olds to consider a BK delivery. Alongside this, the idea needed to differentiate Burger King from its competitors and leave a long lasting impression that Burger King is better than you thought. This target audience is notoriously difficult to advertise to, 18-24 years olds are often very skeptical of advertising in general. They are vocal about their political views, their beliefs and often
Projects credited in
  • LEGO Leo
    LEGO LeoChallenge: Use existing technology and imagination to show how creative play is an essential skill set to Rebuild the World. ​ Insight: With a new generation growing up with technology and media that has pre-existing storylines – children aren’t coming up with their own narrative - which hinders their creativity. ​ Proposition: My story Solution: LEGO Leo - The child-friendly play assistant
  • Spotify Chapters
    Spotify ChaptersChallenge: Launch a new feature that will convince16-25 year olds who already have the Spotify app to sign up to premium. Insight: People are spending more time with themselves, and from this, people are re-discovering reading. Proposition: Amplify your everyday.
Work history
    Junior CreativeHavas Lynx
    Manchester, United KingdomInternship
    Me and my creative partner Ernest Aidoo won a placement at Havas Lynx for our work on a pharmaceutical brief set. We worked on various briefs whilst there, learned from the best in the industry and benefited greatly from the experience.
    Junior CreativeSavvy
     - Leeds, United KingdomInternship
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    Creative AdvertisingLeeds Arts University
    Leeds, United Kingdom
    This is an outstandingly strategic and creative course that nurtures individuality through collaboration. It is designed to produce ‘Ideas That Work’ from a new wave of creative professionals in advertising.