Chris Beadle

Chris Beadle

Senior Designer at WowcherLondon, United Kingdom
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Chris Beadle

Chris Beadle

Senior Designer at WowcherLondon, United Kingdom
About me My name is Chris Beadle, I'm a Graphic Designer from London, UK. I was taught my craft at Norwich University of the Arts, where I learnt the importance of having an idea drive the final outcome. I believe this, coupled with precise execution and style, is the key to a successful design. I am proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Please contact me to see how I can help you with design for: - Brand Identities/ Re-brands - Advertising - Websites - Packaging - Logos - Business Cards - Flyers/ Leaflets/ Other brand material - Infographics - Editorial design Above is just an example of popular projects, however I am very multi-disciplined so don't hesitate to see how I can help you with your needs.
  • Sony Music - Brit's After Party Invite 2014
    Sony Music - Brit's After Party Invite 2014The task was to create an invite for the Sony Music Brit Awards After Party. The invite had to be unconventional and also create a buzz on social media via recipients sharing it with fans and followers. Taking Sony’s long musical history into account, me and 2 course partners created an affordable, fun and totally bespoke cardboard radio that played an audio invite in the form of a station jingle. This was a live project that involved us working at Sony’s London HQ for 4 weeks in order to get it completed on time and within budget.
  • Wowcher Brand Awareness Campaign
    Wowcher Brand Awareness CampaignThe aim of this campaign was generate brand awareness for Wowcher. Wowcher's previous ads have been very literal so I tried to inject a bit of creativity into these. The simple idea was based around inspirational quotes that are common place on social media, and what we thought our audience would relate to. I took a series of classic inspirational quotes and then edited them in a way that promotes Wowcher. The whole composition was well considered. The refined layout combined with the graffiti style editing is a nod to Wowcher's brand personality. Loud, proud, bold and fun.
  • Typeface Specimen Posters
    Typeface Specimen PostersA collection of specimen posters for my favourite typefaces.
  • British Museum Concept Re-Brand
    British Museum Concept Re-BrandA conceptual re-brand of the British Museum. Inspiration for this concept came from the re-brands of other popular London museums. These new identities express their museum’s character through design and dismiss certain perceptions that they are dull and dusty places. The idea for the logo came from the iconic architecture of the museum’s entrance, and shows off how grand it is from exterior to artefact.
  • Wowcher Press Ad Re-Design
    Wowcher Press Ad Re-DesignUpdating the old press ad template used for regional news papers across the country. My idea was to step away from a very dull and cheap looking template, and instead create an ad campaign that would not only make the deals more alluring but give Wowcher some much needed stand out design. The campaign would be fresh looking and mainly copy driven, revolving around the idea that Wowcher lets it’s customers live the high life for a low price. This also allowed the copywriters to be more creative with our national ads which hadn’t be done before. The last slide in this section shows the original template and the final template for the ads after the CEO and COO gave their feedback. The first 3 designs are my own concepts, with the final version on the 4th slide a collaboration between the whole team after the feedback. Elements of my concepts are featured in the final version, such as using large lifestyle images and the copy based headlines (not the copy-writing itself), the discount circle and how the merchant logos are displayed.
  • Wowcher Concept Re-Brand
    Wowcher Concept Re-BrandA conceptual re-brand for Wowcher. Working at Wowcher brought attention to certain flaws within its branding, primarily that it was a very dated looking logo. Something that becomes apparent when placed next to Living Social’s logo, a company that Wowcher brought and merged with in early 2016. The main idea was to refresh the overall look rather than start from scratch as this is an established brand. Taking key features and softening them up brings Wowcher into the current times.
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Work history
    Senior Designerwowcher
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    As part of the in-house design team, I assist with creation of all the daily design materials that keep the business running. The core of the work is to produce images for the daily deals, which involves a good knowledge of Photoshop to create an image that sells the product at it’s highest potential. I started as a Design Executive and was promoted to Senior Designer in September 2016. The senior position has seen me take on more responsibility in team. Reporting to my head of design, I am responsible for the look of many high profile deals, managing the way the team works and thinking about ways our process and Wowcher’s success can be improved. The role has improved my management and organisation skills, and given me more confidence with decision making and art direction.
    Junior DesignerRadford Wallis
     - Internship
    Acting as junior designer on a rolling internship. I felt heavily involved within the companies design work during my time here. I worked on jobs for existing clients and was also involved in work for forthcoming pitches, from idea generation through to late nights in the office making sure everything was perfect.
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    Graphic DesignNorwich University of the arts
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