Eleanor Tatlock

Eleanor Tatlock

Service DesignerNottingham, United Kingdom
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Eleanor Tatlock

Eleanor Tatlock

Service DesignerNottingham, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a Graphic Communication graduate from Loughborough University. Previously working with both start up companies and long-standing international businesses, I have learned the importance of brand core values and how important it is to communicate this visually to an audience. Understanding that each client is unique and knowing that their requirements need to be tailor made for them, I understand the importance of listening to their requirements to fully understand what they want. This is critical to delivering an effective outcome unique to each client.
  • pee in a pot
    pee in a potin recent years there has been a decline in the number of women getting their cervical screening. ages 25 to 29 have had the largest decline with 1 in 3 women skipping their cervical screening. pee in a pot is the first at home smear kit. it is designed for ages 24 to 28, to ensure that once they have completed that first screening, they know how easy it is to be checked. the user simply orders a pee in a pot test kit online. the kit then is posted, they wee in the sample pot, and then eithe
    UNWINDIn today’s society, work follows us home. With emails connected to our phones, colleagues just a phone call away and employers adding pressure to ‘always be available’. Since starting full time work, men aged 21-25 have find themselves stressed, overworked and not managing a healthy work-life balance. UNWIND is a campaign is to encourage men aged 21-25 to separate their career from their home life, to unwind and relax after work. The aim is to encourage individuals to create a better work-life
Projects credited in
  • Loughborough University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Illustration
    Loughborough University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and IllustrationLoughborough University is proud to showcase the work of its 'Graphic Communication and Illustration’ graduates. Through their studies, these students have acquired the professional skills and training for a career in the creative industries. Combining theory and practice, from a grounding in the application of visual research and methods, applying core skills in illustration, typography and photography. This exhibition demonstrates the diversity of this talent, by students who are capable of
Work history
    Service DesignerSportsLocker24
    Nottingham, United KingdomFreelance
    I have been working for SportsLocker24 as a Freelance Service Designer throughout my degree at Loughborough University. I have been project manager for a number of clients within the sports and entertainment sector, helping brands engage with their fan base, seeing projects from start to finish. My job role has included project management, taking stakeholder meetings ,design concepts, marketing, APP/web Design (look and feel)
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Teamworking
  • Illustration
  • Planning
    BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and IllustrationLoughborough University
     - Loughborough, United Kingdom