Loughborough University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Illustration

  • Frances Johnson
  • Andrew Selby
  • Lauren Jefferis
  • Jo Crossley
  • Prem Desai
  • Alexandra Webster
  • Florence Dale
  • Tiana Raft
  • Eleanor Tatlock
  • Holly Rowlands-Hempel
  • Eleanor Smith
  • Sofia With F
Loughborough University is proud to showcase the work of its 'Graphic Communication and Illustration’ graduates. Through their studies, these students have acquired the professional skills and training for a career in the creative industries. Combining theory and practice, from a grounding in the application of visual research and methods, applying core skills in illustration, typography and photography.

This exhibition demonstrates the diversity of this talent, by students who are capable of solving problems and generating very personalised approaches to their studies. The work here defines examples of Experience and Digital Design, Animation and Motion Graphics, Branding Identity, Strategy and Storytelling.

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Illustration at Loughborough University

Loughborough Arts Degree Show 2020
Florence Dale – www.florence-ellen.com
Henry White – www.henrymarcelwhite.com
Lauren Jefferis – www.pickleillustration.com
James Kiely – jameskiely.superhi.com
Neeva Haria – https://neevaharia.myportfolio.com
Prem Desai – premdesai.com
Eleanor Tatlock – www.eleanortatlock.com
Rory Cowan & Henry White – www.rorycowandesign.com & www.henrymarcelwhite.com
Amanda Crampton & Sarah Stevens – https://amandacrampton.myportfolio.com
Antonia Lowe – https://antonialowe.myportfolio.com/
Peter Jago – www.peterjago.co.uk
Hazel Shorney – https://hazelshorney-design.co.uk/
Olivia Kite & Sophie State – https://sophiestate.myportfolio.com/ & https://www.behance.net/livikite29
Francisca Leitao – www.franciscaleitao.com
Bartek Marzec – Bartekmarzec.com