Esther van Vliet

Esther van Vliet

CopywriterEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Esther van Vliet

Esther van Vliet

CopywriterEdinburgh, United Kingdom
About me
My name is Esther van Vliet, I have had twenty-three birthdays, and I am from a place in The Netherlands where it’s never truly dark. For quite a few years I have had the desire to work in advertising as a creative. So, I decided to take the plunge: I quit my job as a Communications Officer and moved abroad to study Creative Advertising in Edinburgh.‍ And here I am... So far I have learned a lot about 'the art' of advertising, I met some cool creative people, and had a lot of fun turning bold ideas into campaigns. Talking about campaigns, I care a lot about social causes. To stay on Karma's good side - and to do this job for a damn long time. But don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a good brief for selling a product just as much. My creative partner Youmna Hazza and I work on creating bold and amazing campaigns every day. Curious to our first real commercial in the making? Take a look at our website:
  • Addressing the Homeless
    Addressing the HomelessThere are 320,000 homeless people in the UK in need of an address to get a job. And IKEA has around 550 showrooms that are simply just for show. So we registered each showroom as a permanent address and assign each one to a homeless person searching for a job.
  • Live commercial for Blood Cancer UK
    Live commercial for Blood Cancer UKA pitch organised by STV Creative for Blood Cancer UK to encourage donations.
  • Barclays: Play or Pay
    Barclays: Play or PayMental health issues are often directly linked to financial problems. While shopping releases dopamine, playing low-cognitive load games have the same positive effects on our mood. So, we’ve launched a digital service that offers simple games to help people resist impulsive shopping behaviour.
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  • Barclays - Play or Pay
    Barclays - Play or PayMoney and mental health are linked, creating a vicious cycle that is hard to break. 78% of Brits succumb to impulse shopping, yet nearly one-third feel purchase regret. This is because shopping releases dopamine. Research shows that low-cognitive load games are can generate the same positive emotions. Introducing Play or Pay, a Barclays service that aims to help people make better financial decisions when feeling down. It offers customers three relaxing games before making an online purchase.
  • Sainsbury's - Live Well With Less
    Sainsbury's - Live Well With LessEvery week, 10% of Brits' groceries end up being thrown away. So we’re taking 10% out of Sainsbury's Taste the Different products and giving it back to nature.
  • First Live Advert for Blood Cancer UK
    First Live Advert for Blood Cancer UKAfter we won a pitch set by STV Creative, we have developed a concept for BCUK that plays on their USP of beating blood cancer in 30 years. We're imaging a future without blood cancer. See how it looks here.
  • IKEA - Addressing The Homeless (Cream Collective 2020 Winner)
    IKEA - Addressing The Homeless (Cream Collective 2020 Winner)When The Cream Collective launched a brief on making post-lockdown life a better place, we looked around for inspiration. On our one-walk-a-day in lockdown, we saw how the homeless were provided with shelter. Yet, once restrictions were lifted, we saw them return to the streets. This got us thinking. Homeless people need money to afford a home but need an address to get a job. In comes IKEA to Address The Homeless.
  • D&AD Hidden pleasures by Durex
    D&AD Hidden pleasures by DurexDurex brief: Empower disabled people and include them in sex space. Our insight: When one area of the body loses sensation, another gains hightened sensation.
  • DUREX - Hidden pleasures // Sex goes beyond impairments
    DUREX - Hidden pleasures // Sex goes beyond impairments
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Work history
    Communications OfficerPull Position
     - Naaldwijk, NetherlandsFull Time
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  • Advertising Copywriting
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  • Photoshop
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  • B2B Copywriting
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    Creative Advertising MAEdinburgh Napier University
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Hogeschool Leiden
     - Leiden, Netherlands
    Addressing the Homeless: The Cream Collective 2020 WinnerThe Cream Collective
    Stop, Sing, Sign: A Wee NodThe NODs