Evelina Ulickaite

Evelina Ulickaite

Graphic DesignerNorthampton, United Kingdom
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Evelina Ulickaite

Evelina Ulickaite

Graphic DesignerNorthampton, United Kingdom
About me
2020 BA Graphic Communications Graduate Enthusiastic, creatively driven, and innovative graduate graphic designer with an unquenchable thirst to learn and develop obtained skills continuously. Experienced in editorial, branding, print, digital, and experiential graphic design.
  • Critical Intelligence | Final Major Project
    Critical Intelligence | Final Major ProjectBrief: Design immersive experience learning platform which could create positive change for future generations Media: Interaction Design Outcome: Brand name, logo design, branding design, app design, video presentation, Instagram posts, AR & VR experiences Concept: Critical Intelligence - Natural disasters preparedness training mobile app with available AR & VR experiences. This app aims to provide the communities educational platform with an innovative and interactive tool for learning risk ma
  • Reflect | Global Warming - Augmented Reality
    Reflect | Global Warming - Augmented RealityAugmented reality poster & brochure Install Artivive app on Your phone and discover augmented reality! Warmer winters may sound great. However, they come at a considerable cost. Not only the climate is shifting, but the whole ecological world. This installation created for people to reflect on humanity actions which have been taken over the years. Message: The person can be part of the destruction or part of the solution. The aim is to educate, inform and encourage humanity to take actions f
  • NORTHIS | Northampton IT Service Branding
    NORTHIS | Northampton IT Service BrandingNorthampton IT Service Logo design proposal (1 of 3) Font - Gotham Black & Gotham Light Logo characteristics: Memorable & Standing out The Gotham, a sans serif character with a humanist spirit. This logo concept not only has a bright colour palette, but bold typeface and the playful layout of words. NORTHIS as a full name has been spit in order to make a brand memorable and stand out. “THIS” grabs attention, and makes the viewer interested, curious what THIS is about. White block represents
  • Decathlon Northampton warehouse project of graphic design implantation
    Decathlon Northampton warehouse project of graphic design implantationVitality, intense activity, energy, drive, and vigour is life for the Decathlon. Their employees are full of vitality as they have, first and foremost, a positive mindset and are bursting with energy. They are enthusiastic, they love creating and innovating, and relentlessly strive to improve and make things around them change. Based on that, the graphic design has been created to create a positive, active, and innovative atmosphere all around the warehouse. - Address: Decathlon UK Unit 2 Thoma
  • Paintings
    PaintingsSome pieces are from competitions nationally and internationally. Some of them has been made as a hobby on the spare time and some of them clients work. All works sold out or given away as a gift.
  • Drawings
    DrawingsVarious drawings from different period of times. From academic drawing to sketches, illustration and mixed techniques of drawing. Some competition pieces.
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Projects credited in
  • D&AD 2020 giffgaff
    D&AD 2020 giffgaffGiffgaff is a well known company who lets their community of giffgaff members be the centre of their mobile company. This brief asked us to create a campaign which promotes the use of 5G to a community of our choice for giffgaff. The community we chose, was young carers. We felt that they are a vulnerable community that could really benefit from 5G in ways others might not necessarily need to, hence we designed an event which would allow them to come together and be celebrate as giffgaff legends
  • D&AD giffgaff: Giffback Young Carers
    D&AD giffgaff: Giffback Young CarersThrough speaking with a young carer, the campaign to help solve problems faced by the young carer community was directly influenced by the thoughts and ideas of a real member of the community. With the brief aiming to solve issues faced by the community through 5G, the campaign emphasised the direct solutions that 5G could provide the community (e.g. better service to improve communication and reduce isolation) and aimed to celebrate and unite the “legendary” group of young carers, whilst helpin
  • University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication
    University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic CommunicationOur Graphic Communication course explores the ever-developing field of graphic communication within the creative industries through practical application and investigative debate. You'll explore new ways to expand and challenge the conventions of visual communication through both experimentation and critical awareness. You'll have opportunities to collaborate on live briefs, cross-disciplinary projects and work with the wider design sectors to reflect professional industry practice. https://d
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting
  • Illustration
    BA Graphic CommunicationUniversity of Northampton
     - Northampton, United Kingdom