Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti

MarketerUnited Kingdom
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Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti

MarketerUnited Kingdom
About me
Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning entrepreneur, supporting people making a positive impact through their marketing. She is known as the founder of Creative Impact Group, a collective of hundreds of conscious creatives and experts. She is also the CEO of Alt Marketing School, on a mission to raise a new generation of purpose-driven marketers.
  • Positive Impact Marketing Principles on Skillshare
    Positive Impact Marketing Principles on SkillshareWe partnered with Skillshare to teach the core foundations of marketing that not only achieves success but adds positive impact to your strategy. In this class you'll discover your main marketing model and use it as a guide to craft a perfect impact manifesto-a simple roadmap for creating content and making sound marketing decisions.
  • The Drop
    The DropA "reverse Black Friday" campaign from Alt Marketing School
  • Alt Marketing Directory
    Alt Marketing DirectoryA selection of latest opportunities, jobs, events for marketing rebels powered by Notion
  • New Blood festival moderation
    New Blood festival moderationI am honoured to be involved with D&AD New Blood Festival 2022 to moderate the 'working with influencers' panel! New Blood Festival is aimed at supporting graduates as they emerge from study and make tentative steps into the professional creative industries. Four days of talks and insights will provide inspiration and practical tools.
  • Social media and marketing freelance writing for UNUM
    Social media and marketing freelance writing for UNUMCommissioned pieces for UNUM on social media, marketing and more
  • Reclaim your Time Off
    Reclaim your Time OffMy award-winning book uncovering how to stop overworking and work smarter, not harder
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Projects credited in
  • New branding and logotype
    New branding and logotypeNew branding and logo reveal for Alt Marketing School - in conjunction with a new website
  • Alt Marketing School EP 093 - How you can tell better stories
    Alt Marketing School EP 093 - How you can tell better storiesYou’ll learn how to tell stories as Tucker shares why you should work on refining your stage persona. Jesse brings his comedic background in the mix as we discuss why humour can be taught. After that, we dive into frameworks to tell better stories and powerful ways to combine expectation and surprise.
  • Social Impact & Game Changers scholarship
    Social Impact & Game Changers scholarshipMarketing should be all about making a positive difference on other people, but most importantly our planet. This is why we instituted the social impact and change markers scholarship programme, to support companies who are making waves by helping them train their talent to become savvier, more confident marketers.
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Work history
    OK Mentor logo
    OK Mentor logo
    Mentee Relations DirectorOK Mentor
    United KingdomFreelance
    Supporting the team by coordinating mentee relationships.
    Alt Marketing School logo
    Alt Marketing School logo
    CEO and founderAlt Marketing School
    United KingdomFull Time
    Founder of Alt Marketing School, the modern school for professionals looking to market to hearts, not brains
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