Positive Impact Marketing Principles on Skillshare

  • Fab Giovanetti

We partnered with Skillshare to teach the core foundations of marketing that not only achieves success but adds positive impact to your strategy. In this class you'll discover your main marketing model and use it as a guide to craft a perfect impact manifesto-a simple roadmap for creating content and making sound marketing decisions.

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Here are three awesome reasons why you should take this class:

  • Get a better understanding of core marketing foundations
  • Learn how to create an impact manifesto to serve as your roadmap for smart marketing decisions
  • Develop successful strategies with a focus on positive impact
  • Join me in this one hour class and up your marketing game! We'll go over practices and exercises that will help you zero in your marketing model - guaranteed to turn followers into superfans.

Get ready to learn how to market to hearts not brains.

You’ll be learning how to:

  • Define positive impact and core marketing foundations
  • Craft an impact manifesto to guide your decisions
  • Follow effective strategies for making a positive difference
  • Develop stories for increasing audience engagement and satisfaction

Link to the class

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