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Hattie Newman

Animation Director & Image MakerLondon, United Kingdom
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Hattie Newman

Animation Director & Image MakerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hattie Newman is an image-maker and animation director specializing in the medium of paper. One of London’s foremost papercraft artists, Hattie lives and works in Stoke Newington, operating from her busy studio where ideas and sketches quickly outgrow their pages and come to life through her expertise and dedication to craft. Having worked in the industry for nigh on ten years, Hattie has developed skills for not only bringing creations to life for ad campaigns, set designs and installations, but also for bringing her works to life in motion and developing her own unique animation direction. Her latest TVC for Gas Networks Ireland sees a wonderfully immersive world in paper style which gives life to a delightful storyline. Hattie enjoys adding a human touch to all the work she does, and increasingly for building out a narrative within them. Her unique and imaginative creations have attracted the likes of Lacoste, NSPCC, John Lewis and TFL, among many others.
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Projects credited in
  • GNI - Progress Naturally
    Watch our man Dan introduce us to renewable gas as he strolls through glorious paper Irish countryside, quaint paper Irish villages and fresh paper Irish pastures... luckily for him and everything in his paper world, it’s not raining.
  • 'Sit-Down with Sue': Introducing Hattie Newman
    We're back with our second instalment of 'Sit-Down with Sue', this time with papercraft extraordinaire, Hattie Newman.
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