Jacob Butler

Jacob Butler

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Jacob Butler

Jacob Butler

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am passionate about crafting powerful copy designed to communicate authentic messages. I appreciate the importance of culture in the creative process to make a brand position come alive. I aspire to champion sustainability in creative environments and make positive change with my work. As an avid listener of music genres, sound helps my creativity, while my love of sport drives a collaborative and team oriented mindset. I am conscientious, dedicated, and have led high-performance teams to meet or exceed objectives and I strive to learn continuously and produce excellence in all my work.
  • Music and the Coronavirus: A Soundtrack of Hope
    Music and the Coronavirus: A Soundtrack of HopeThere is a bigger picture with Coronavirus, but music is an industry, a livelihood and a means of preserving social wellbeing. Like other industries, the current state of music is clouded. While it faces an unprecedented challenge, that will damage it to its core, it is instilling a togetherness like no other. This is a worldwide struggle, but in music, we have a global harmony.
  • How to Grow Your Presence in Universities: A Grad's Eye View
    How to Grow Your Presence in Universities: A Grad's Eye ViewDuring my time at marketing and advertising agency SMRS, I wrote a blog on employers presence in universities. As a graduate who wishes they made more of these opportunities, it focuses on what employers could potentially do to entice more students like myself. https://www.smrs.co.uk/news/how-to-grow-your-presence-in-universities
  • Flat-Packs Packing Up.
    Flat-Packs Packing Up.IKEA's First UK Closure
Projects credited in
  • Province
    ProvinceHip Hop & Grime blog created by Lewis Lister. Currently looking for collaborators
Work history
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Copywriting at a fintech. It’s hard to pinpoint what your typical day looks like at Dext. From product launch comms, to value props, content strategy and more, there’s always plenty to do. While Dext permits a generous degree of freedom, there is, at times, a cap on creativity in the financial industry. As a copywriter, this has been a healthy test to stand in an audience’s shoes once unknown to me - and to write in unfamiliar territories. Alongside the every-changing ‘day to day’, I’ve helped redefine our brand voice when it seemed we had somewhat lost it. This and so much more.
    United KingdomFreelance
    Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I've been working as a freelance copywriter. I saw this as a great opportunity develop my own experience, in some unusual circumstances. I've worked for a number of clients during this period. At content marketing agency, Mint Content, I wrote about a wide range of topics: from mental health to drug rehab; recruitment and massage therapy. I've also been creating Instagram content for a number of local businesses, and was the copywriter behind a complete company rebrand. It's been a busy few months. But I'd like to think I've made the best of a bad situation.
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA) The University of Liverpool
     - Liverpool, United Kingdom
    History 2:1