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London, United Kingdom
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Paula Zuccotti is a trend forecaster, photographer and creative consultant developing future visions of products and services for the likes of Google, Starbucks, Nike, LG, Microsoft, and Ikea. Her focus on ethnographic, user-centric research has been paramount to finding meaningful innovation. Paula is also the author of Every Thing We Touch: A 24 hour inventory of our lives, a best-seller collection of photographic essays on everyday life published by Penguin Random House UK and recently translated into Mandarin for the Chinese market. The project became the storytelling technique for ŠKODA Octavia's “Loved, not owned” campaign. It create a snapshot in time of the Octavia owner’s lives and the relationship they have with their car; told through the objects that travel in them.

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  • Photography
  • Ethnographic Research
  • NPD
  • Art and Creative Direction
  • Author
  • Research and Development
  • Analysis Insights

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Aug 2012
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • The Overworld is a live, ongoing research observatory from where I do all my consultancy work. The Overworld is all about lenses, filters and stories. It represents a refined way of looking, thinking and articulating what is happening around us. The Overworld identifies and connects the emerging behaviours that unify individuals around the world at any given moment according to the lenses and filters they are viewed through. The Overworld grows and strengthens as it learns, it is a fluid ecosystem. Observations become insights, connections between the insights uncover emerging trends and these trends become the lenses through which to observe the world again. It observes people and their everyday context; cities, cultures, homes, design, work, friends, technology, media and the arts.