EVENT SPEAKER: The Future Of_ Consumption by Paula Zuccotti

  • Paula Zuccotti

EthnographerFuture Scaper | Photographer

Paula Zuccotti develops future visions of products and services for the likes of Google, Starbucks, Nike, LG, Microsoft, and Ikea. Her focus on ethnographic, user-centric research has been paramount to finding real opportunities for innovation. 
Paula is also the author of Every Thing We Touch: A 24 hour inventory of our lives, a best-seller collection of photographic essays on everyday life published by Penguin Random House UK and recently translated into Mandarin for the Chinese market.
The project became the storytelling technique for ŠKODA Octavia's “Loved, not owned” campaign. It create a snapshot in time of the Octavia owner’s lives and the relationship they have with their car; told through the objects that travel in them.

Paula discussed The Future Of_Consumption at The Future Of_2017 Festival.