Every Thing We've Heard

  • Paula Zuccotti
  • Teresa Sancho Santa Isabel
  • Ari Lugo
Paula Zuccotti, author of Every Thing We Touch, has created a new series of photographs in keeping with her subject of everyday lives told through objects. 
This time she has chosen to create an imaginary day in the life of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the US Presidential candidates, as portrayed by our collective imagination during an extraordinary campaign. 
Intrigued by the topics that have captured people’s attention the most with regards to their public personas, she looked for visual clues from the hottest stories to reflect upon how we are experiencing this campaign: the polarising views and slogans; the passion and anger; the allegations and leaks; the outrage and mundane events that inspired the best memes; the prying Q&As found on the web - is their hair real?, are they ill?, what do they eat?, what do they read?, how do they unwind?…
Using everyday objects and juxtaposing the important and the irrelevant, the resulting caricature compositions are a visual synthesis of everything that has been said, seen, posted, tweeted, discussed and ultimately mesmerised us.
*DISCLAIMER Any product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks or images featured or referred to within artworks are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with Paula Zuccotti or The Overworld Limited. By their inclusion it is expressly not inferred that any of the brands or individuals endorse or are in any way affiliated with the respective candidates. Any copyrighted material is used in accordance with the principles of fair dealing or fair use and are intended as humorous caricatures and or parodies.

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