Rosie Viilup

Rosie Viilup

Creative DirectorIndonesia
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Rosie Viilup

Rosie Viilup

Creative DirectorIndonesia
About me
Hello there! My name is Karin Rosie and I am an interdisciplinary artist working across photography, graphic design and art direction, currently travelling all across Asia for a year. I’ve got a bachelor's degree in Fashion Styling & Creative Direction (First Class Honours). Originally I’m from a tiny Eastern-European country Estonia, a beautiful sacred land. As an inquisitive creative I’m eager to learn and always ready to see more of the world around me. I draw inspiration from people, places, nature, culture, history, animals or from anything else that catches my eye. It’s all about noticing little details and telling a story.
  • Accidental Collaboration
    Accidental CollaborationA set of double-exposure photographs, screen-printed on paper. In 2020, Rosie Viilup found a roll of film in a point-and-shoot analogue camera (bought from a charity shop). She shot her own still lives on top of the imagery already on the film. The content found on that roll of film turned out to be a series of nudes of a 70+ gay couple. A little selection of those images can be seen below.
  • Lockdown Boredom
    Lockdown BoredomFirst-ever zine created by Karin Rosie Viilup in fall-winter 2021. During the 3rd global lockdown, Karin Rosie got stuck in Estonia and had to finish her final uni semester there. It happened to be an extremely cold and snowy winter, with beautiful white fields and icy surroundings. To capture all this, she took a number of photos in the castle park close to her family house and turned the content into a zine. This zine’s design and layout is inspired by Ryan Tippery’s graphic illustrations
  • Heart of a City
    Heart of a CityA project created for a Tate x UNIQLO competition The Spirit of London. The name London has been derived from the Celtic word ‘Londinous’ which means to be bold. A Londoner today must definitely be courageous and assertive to succeed in this busy and ever-growing city. Aforementioned is being showcased via golden/metallic sculptures where chosen colour scheme helps to communicate the idea of fearlessness. However, the concept behind the sculptures is based around multiple ideas. Shape wise, th
  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?‘The important thing is to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what we are to what we could become’ (Charles Dubois) This practical study has been created to remind people they can be whoever they want to be it is already in oneself; the mind needs to be broadened and the extraordinary self can be unleashed. The understanding that everybody is born with only certain personality traits, bound to them to death, is a misconception. Daniel Amen is a psychiatrist and a neuro doctor that has cond
  • The Blood of a Pandemic
    The Blood of a PandemicAn editorial inspired by the surreal 20th century movie classic The Blood of a Poet; created for a design, culture and music magazine Häppening. The Blood of a Poet is directed by Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) who was a French poet, novelist, designer, artist, critic and a movie director. He’s been considered one of the greatest multi-talents in the arts field of 20th century. The Blood of a Poet is a biographical movie reflecting upon events that took place in Cocteau’s life, showcases his own pr
  • Evanescent Grace
    Evanescent GraceEvanescent Grace is an avant-garde headpiece collection consisting of 8 designs, built up of recycled & sustainable materials, like newspaper and HDPE plastic bags. ‘Everything that seems beautiful to the eye first might, in fact, be tragic in reality’ are the words from our beloved natural historian and BBC legend David Attenborough. He released a documentary on April 12, 2020, in collaboration with Netflix, exploring and discussing the monumental scale of humanity’s impact on nature, speakin
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Projects credited in
  • Punk, 2019
    Punk, 2019Mixed-media creations heavily inspired by the punk subculture Creative direction by Karin Viilup, photographed by me x
Work history
    Dr. Martens PLC logo
    Dr. Martens PLC logo
    Brand CustodianDr. Martens PLC
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Giving personal and professional customer service to Dr Martens' clients. Fitting them into the right size. Making sure their new shoes get a coating of wax on the inside and outside of the shoe before leaving the store. Also, doing visual merchandising in store.
    Studio Assistant / SupervisorSouthampton Solent University
     - Southampton, United KingdomPart Time
    Helping students with photo studio light set-ups and assisting them with professional printing and bookbinding. Making sure the C41 machine is in order, giving a hand to students with film developing.
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    BA (Hons) Fashion Styling and Creative DirectionSouthampton Solent University
     - Southampton, United Kingdom
    This course involved a lot of photography (both analogue and digital), graphic design, working with multiple creatives and coming up with conceptual art projects.
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    Fashion Graduate PortfolioGraduate Fashion Foundation
    Portfolio selected and featured among the best 2021 class graduates