Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
  • Nike Shanghai Marathon 2019
    Nike Shanghai Marathon 2019It isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon — I directed a campaign to raise awareness and attract amateur and professional athletes to take part in the Shanghai International Marathon. Working in collaboration with Nike’s Brand Design team and the Shanghai government, we created an eye-catching and exciting campaign which took-over the city through flyposting and retail marketing.
  • A poster that is meant to be listened to, not read.
    A poster that is meant to be listened to, not read.The poster features audio transcripts from two recent podcast episodes on climate change and Brexit, with large font overlapping the text to direct attention to a call to action: "Don’t read this poster. Listen to it". The design plays on the setting of a Tube carriage and the benefits of listening on the move. We wanted to let tube commuters know that instead of gawping at social media, avoiding eye contact with the person opposite them, or — God forbid — staring blankly at ads, they could
  • Red Bull - China Launch
    Red Bull - China LaunchWhen Red Bull launched in China in 2014, my agency Jellymon, was named agency of record for the China market. The first project we worked on was a piece of launch communication, announcing to the media and influencers that Red Bull had arrived on the scene. We needed to achieve a few things: We needed to let the country know that Red Bull was a global brand with a long and illustrious history and get them excited about the launch party in Shanghai. The launch party was so popular that it was shu
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Projects credited in
  • The Guardian - Space For
    The Guardian - Space ForWe created a through-the-line campaign with multiple aims. To launch the new tabloid paper size and design, to position the Guardian's new style of journalism and to drive support from the readers. The campaign, voiced by Maxine Peake, uses the new Guardian tabloid shape to create a space for the changes we would like to see in the world.
  • The Guardian - Today in Focus
    The Guardian - Today in FocusStories that speak to you. Today in focus is The Guardian’s flagship podcast, the creative approach was developed around a two central ideas — the daily rhythm of its release, and ‘stories that speak to you’. These ideas are used to meet the practical need to explain without losing important emotional cues.
  • The Guardian: How women can change the world
    The Guardian: How women can change the worldHow can women change the world? The Guardian women seminar brought together change-making women to discuss past achievements and future ambitions. These wall vinyls decorated the room and the copy needed to reflect the inspirational narratives of the speakers and audience.
  • The Guardian Cinema Advert 2018
    The Guardian Cinema Advert 2018I created the post production on this film. It's simplicity belies it's complexity! Created for The Guardian with the fantastic Karmarama and Kream.
    THE GUARDIAN REBRANDThe Guardian is no stranger to shaking things up and making radical changes to stay ahead of the crowd. David Hillman’s 1988 redesign was groundbreaking, and changed the look of the paper forever. In 2005 it transitioned from broadsheet to a Berliner format, making it unique in the UK market. And in 2018, the newspaper was printed in a tabloid format for the first time. The redesign set alight both mainstream and design-specific press, and was introduced across print, mobile, apps and desktop wi
  • The Guardian  - Cinema Advert
    The Guardian - Cinema Advert
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