Advice please! How much to quote for campaign and branding work for a local authority / charitable initiative?

Hi everyone - I've been approached by a comms agency to pull together a cost proposal for a full brand and identity for an upcoming programme for a local authority. The scope of work is fairly large, and if it was a campaign for a corporate / for-profit client then I would know roughly how to break it down and charge for it based on my normal rates etc.
However - as we all know, local authorities have hardly any budget these days so I have a feeling this will need to be on the lower side; it's meaningful work and the kind of sector I want to focus on so I'm happy to charge a less than 'premium' rate.

My question is - does anyone have any experience of quoting for not for profits, charities, LAs, etc, and can give me a rule of thumb - maybe a percentage cut? Like work out what I would 'normally' charge and then take, say, 20% off..?

For ref they've not given a budget or a timescale yet - this is purely spec / cost proposal at this stage. I just don't want to send a quote and it be wildly out of reach for them.

Thank you! :)


  • I'd agree with everyone who has commented here. Just because they are a local authority, doesn't mean they don't have a generous budget for this. I would show your normal rate and then be prepared to be flexible. You can always negotiate down! x
  • I've worked on several projects where coms agencies who secialise in this sector have acted between me and the client - including LA's - NFP and Charities. The agency is charging commercially, often a premium for their focussed 'speciality' - but happy to pressure the creative to work at a lower rate because of who the end client is. My advice is to frame your fees normally - don't sell yourself short. Additionally - I've repeatedy had the experience where the coms agency have taken credit for the work in it's entirety. Be aware of that one too. Don't assume the end client will always go for the lowest quote - they may tel you it's a factor in their decision making, but experince has shown otherwise.
  • You have been contacted by a comms agency? So the client's budget will include their cut. They probably already have an idea the price they want to put in based on their assumption of an average day-rate and then marked it up and added their costs. Comms agencies make good money so I would not be shy about putting in your normal day-rate. If I was quoting directly to a local authority or NFP, I would think differently.
  • This question came up recently - I gave a longer response then. Charities and not-for-profit have to oprtate in the 'real' world.

    There is no 'rule-of-thumb' because they should pay for services just like anyone else. If you choose to give to a charity that's another thing. But it should not factor in any precurement of professional services from either side. They have their various methods for funding and incomce generation and you are not regarded as one of them.

    I have worked extensitely with not-for-profits.
  • Ask what is the budget, there may be more money available on the table than you think. And think abt the usage fee too(if it’s gonna be on a build board than fee for that needs to be on top of your photographers fee and jt will be larger vs insta usage obvs)

    Even if it’s a local authority, they would have drafted up a budget for this and know this won’t cost nothing. If the budget is too low for you, then state your normal fee.

    If they come back saying this is too high for them, try to negotiate down the work scope.

    Good luck!

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