Any good website designers/developers here? from look and feel to build, it's for an existing website.


  • Hi! Conscious you wrote quite a while back - still need a hand here? We work with top-notch and pre-screened designers and developers and can provide you with an on-demand team to get you a hand-picked dedicated team around this project and to get the work started. Let us know and drop us a brief on the entrepreneur section at
  • i Liz

    I can introduce you to Zay who I work with who builds and design's wonderful website's or you can email me to get the ball rolling.
  • Hi Elizabeth

    You may well have solved the problem already but if not I can also help. I have a fanastic female team which aligns with your FWL project (awesome work by the way). Check out our work at and
  • I'm a bit late to the party here Elizabeth but I specialise in web design so if you're still looking for someone to collaborate with, it would be great to have a quick chat about the brand and project.

    I also have access to a network of trusted devs I've worked with that we could get onboard for that side of the project.

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I'm a website designer based in London.

    You can check my online portfolio at -

    Have a great day.
  • Hi Elizabeth!

    I'm a 24-year-old fresh grad with two home businesses and project-based music marketing job. With one being a home bakery, the other is of course Squarespace web design. As someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, I absolutely love the concept of your company and would appreciate the opportunity to work on your website.

    You can check out other sites I've launched here:

    Much love,
  • Hi Elizabeth, I'm a web designer and developer who has completed web projects for brands in various industries. Please let me know how I can help you.

    Welcome to email me at

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