Any techy people out there, who can help me with ‘Disk is full on Mac’ warning? I’m on a MacBook Pro 2012 and can’t download disk cleaners


  • Thanks for all the tips everyone, hopefully I’ll be able to start downloading simple pdfs again
  • You could upload some large items you don't need into a free dropbox account and then download a disc cleaner to help you manage the rest. Stopping your icloud from syncing your photos can also help you out a fair bit. I use Mac Paw to look after my harddrive
  • If you haven't done so already, go to your downloads folder and filter items by size. Delete the largest files that you no longer need. Alternatively, sort files by date and remove old objects gathering dust. Be sure to empty the trash also.
  • That is difficult, if it isn’t allowing you to download anything. Is there someone else you can get to download it for you and put it on a stick (if you’re not already self isolating)??
  • That’s your internal disk drive- have you tried just going through the files and apps and deleting ones you don’t need or use.

    Other thing to try is if it’s storage you’re after- I’d recommend a USB hard drive (£30 ish) but you get between 500GB and 1 TB storage worth having

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