Are any artists out there interested in creating a piece for a Sci-Fi short fiction story? (paid)

I've been working on this short story for a while and it's pretty much done. I just need an artist to produce a piece of artwork for it. I'll post my story on Medium and I'll make sure to properly acknowledge the artist. I'll leave a link below to my Pinterest for people to get an idea of my inspiration. Anyone who wants to read the actual story let me know.


  • hey! I find the concept of sci-fi very inspiring and would love to work on this with you :) Please have a look at my portfolio on or instagram @mqqqks

    Let me know! Stay safe
  • Hi Marvin,
    My name is Aysha and I am artist/ illustrator . I am defiently interested creating a piece for your sci fi story. My portfolio website is and email is

    Thank you ,
  • Hi, I’m Sam Goddard, AKA Coppelius Design. I am a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator in London, and I am also a Freelance Designer too. My website is . Let me know what you think, and I’m happy to have a further discussion regarding the brief. Thanks for your time.
  • Hi Marvin

    I am ineterested. If my work resonates, then please send over the story.


  • Hey Marvin
    This sounds awesome, would love to read your script? My style is conducive to sci-fi (I'm verging on comic book). My insta has my most recent work:
    There's a link to my website on there as well.
    Look forward to talking to you!

    Hello Marvin
    I would love to read you story, thanks.
  • Hi there! I'm interested in this. Sounds fun!

    I specialize in digital arts and graphic design. Here is a link to my portfolio work. Let me know your thoughts. Look forward to speaking with you soon :)



    Nygilia McClain
  • Hi Marvin,

    I'm a recent Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art grad, I'd love to be involved in your project! Have attached my website and email below.


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